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What Are Your Values?

Hill Management Group | The Werx Brand Values guide everything we do; from how we treat one another, our customers, and all projects. These values even guide the customers we take on and how we do our daily work. Read on to learn what drives us.

Our Guiding Philosophy

The advent of the internet introduced a new era of challenges for independent business owners. Just as big box stores started crushing independent retailers in the 1990s, the internet made it possible for large corporations in every industry to directly compete throughout their verticals, often against their own customers. Smaller manufacturers and suppliers with localized distribution were suddenly feeling the same pinch that retailers had been feeling.

However, the thing that makes it possible for large corporations to compete in every corner of the market also makes it possible for smaller players to compete. All you need is to learn the rules, and how to apply them.

Our company exists to give independent business owners the tools they need to compete. We believe that healthy small and medium-sized enterprises lead to healthy communities, by increasing wages, jobs, real estate values, and increasing public services. A nation of strong independent businesses will lead to less income inequality, which will contribute to less poverty and more social justice.

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